The Time For Moral Action is Always Now


I’ve spent the last week talking about the unfolding impeachment drama, so I’m not going to write about whistleblowers and telephone transcripts today.

I am something that grieves me in all this, even while I am so glad that we might be seeing the end of the man in the White House and his minions.

I grieve because “high crimes and misdemeanors” has a wide definition, and ultimately, impeachment depends on finding the incumbent unfit for office. Yet our representatives, except one, didn’t take advantage of the definition.

Among all the other scandals involving the regime, the sanctioning of white supremacism and the treatment of asylum seekers at the border seemed to me to be grounds for impeachment. Donald Trump’s racism was a matter of public discussion long before he ran for office. I would add anti-Semitism to that even though his own daughter converted to Judaism and he supports the criminal Benjamin Netanyahu. You really can’t be a white supremacist and love Jews.

His very announcement of his candidacy was one long racist rant about Mexicans.

But only one lone man had the courage to stand up and call for impeachment for moral reasons rather than strictly political ones.

Rep. Al Green of Texas spoke out before anyone on the necessity of impeachment because of the moral depravity of the so-called president. He has doggedly filed articles of impeachment since 2017 and has also received many threats on his life for his moral stances.

Yes, many politicians spoke out about Charlottesville and the concentration camps at the border, but Congressman Green was the only one who stood up in the House and said the “I” word early on.

I do believe we are seeing the regime cave in on itself, both because of the whistle-blower and the transcript of the telephone call with the president of the Ukraine.

Make no mistake, however, that this is the end of white supremacy in this country or the assault on the poor, the environment, African-Americans, Native Americans, and Latinx.

We still need a moral reckoning and revival in this country. Dr. William Barber, co-leader of the Poor People’s Campaign, calls it the Third Reconstruction. We need to take a deep dive into our history and study the intersections of racism, poverty, ecological devastation, and militarism.

I have no doubt that Congressman Green will continue to fight for moral right-ness. He knows that governance is not a business. I think he knows that restoring the US to a superpower is not the goal, but making the US a moral power in the world is what is needed.

A country that cares about the most vulnerable of its citizens is more important than a country that has the biggest nuclear arsenal. We rise best when we raise those on the bottom. There is a lot of work to be done, and we can’t wait for the 2020 election to dig in and do it.

The time for moral action is always now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year.  Now.

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